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Introduction (from author)

The project GRAFIXLIB was and is an experiment to get a sense of optimization of graphical computations for myself.

The need of action comes from repeated dissatisfaction when working on the development of an "grown" software package which includes some complex graphical questions. The reason for starting the project GRAFIXLIB was caused by becoming more and more sick of slowly working and cumbersome code.

Becoming tired of discussions with the responsible developer and admins, the wish of a library was born 1999/2000 - I don't remember exactly. The first concept was born in 2002 and stopped several times because of cronic shortage of time since 2005. Again there were some lacks of time until the first working code segments were written succesfully in C. Especially the work on a reliable point-in-polygon-algorithm took much time - today GRAFIXLIB uses a code for "PIP" based on the great work of Randolph Franklin. Bummer, I attrect attention to his algorithm very late...

The main idea of the GRFAIXLIB bases on simple "parameter forms" of geometrical equations. In my oppinion this is a good strategy to get results fast and stable and it is comparatively easy to handle numerical exceptions. Some current results of programs uses GRAFIXLIB seem to be good in terms of velocity and handling - others unfortunately not. So there is work to be done by myself.

Please do not eagerly anticipate the big solution on all your problems coming by working with geometrical questions were solved by GRAFIXLIB!

Enjoy this first released steps and maybe get some ideas for your personal work.


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